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Visit the demo visualization from manufacturer IPAS. It is a simulated control of several buildings, including different modules, such as Smart Metering, Scenes, Alarms, DALI, etc.


Energy Management System implemented at the Castilla La Mancha University Integral consumption management in a house with a solar energy system
Project by: APControl Project by: Hiponoo, S.L.
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What is CBSE?
ComBridge Studio Evolution is a visualization software pre-installed in an industrial embedded Linux PC. Available in different hardware versions to match the requirements of any type of installation: from small homes to offices, hotels, airports, etc.

Graphical Interface
Fully customizable user interface, accessible via Web and compatible with mobile devices (tablets, smart phones, etc.)

Browsing based on menus, desktops, windows, pages and gadgets. thus allowing a high level of customization, as well as the generation of properly arranged environments for any given requisite.

Why is it so powerful?
It is the optimal solution to monitor and control any data point type, to create alarm warnings, integrate IP cameras, generate scenes, time schedules, advanced logic functions, etc.

On top of that, CBSE is designed to log any KNX value for further reference and analysis.

Thanks to its possibilities regarding user rights and permits, different environments can be created for each user. Additionally, each user can be assigned different elements and advanced controls for monitoring and/or control.

Using the data base module, CBSE and its KNX data can be integrated with external systems in a very simple and flexible way.

It supports the integration with other systems, such as Modbus IP and Bacnet, commonly used in BMS.

Energy management functionality
The SmartVisu module provides an intelligent management of consumption (electricity, gas, water, etc.), including forecasts, comparisons, load consumption analysis, printing of reports, etc.


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ComBridge Studio Evolution
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