18 DE MAYO DE 2020

DALI 2 – Intesis HMS

We are happy to announce that Intesis HMS has achieved the DALI-2 Certification assured by “Digital Illumination Interface Alliance” (DiiA) for all its DALI gateways.

DALI 2 is no longer just a whim. Increasingly, it is a prerequisite included in most DALI offers today. So, now with the Intesis DALI 2 gateway you are no longer left out of the tenders, where this certification is required.

The novelties are:

- First DALI multi master KNX gateway on the market.
- It affects all its gateways: DALI V6 <-> KNXr, DALI V6 <-> Modbus and DALI V6 <-> BACnet in all its versions.: Press here to see all its versions.
- This Certification supports 2 types of DALI-2 sensors: occupancy sensors and lighting sensors.
- To obtain the Certification, they had to use a new Hardware, for which they have issued new references for all DALI models.

And the best news is that they are already available for sale!

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