27 DE MARZO DE 2020

Buy the new PowerBlock o8 Multi from Ipas, and instead we send you the PowerBlock o16 Multi *


The most innovative and complete actuators on the market, the POWER BLOCK, are renewed once again by now incorporating a powerful and complete FAN COIL controller (with up to 4xFC in the same actuator). The new version is called POWER BLOCK MULTI and has the same price as the previous model (which is also still available)

In addition to the already known functions in BINARY OUTPUTS / BLINDS / ADVANCED FUNCTIONS (more than 100 !!), the FAN COIL module allows the configuration of:

- Bus failure / recovery behavior
- Operating modes / restrictions for fan / valve
- Fan delay on power on, power off, forced ventilation, etc.
- Thermostat monitoring
- Additional cyclical ventilation, even with the Fan Coil turned off
- Multiple forms of fan control: 3x1 bit, 1 percentage byte, 1 unsigned byte, value customization, etc.
- Alarms
- Etc.

Now it is possible to quickly and directly control a FAN COIL unit for any type of scenario:

- Fan control from a simple KNX keypad with binary pulsations or from any web server, thermostat, etc ... without the need for complex logical functions to define special behaviours.
- Operating restrictions by time slots (e.g. limit fan speeds at night to avoid annoying noises)
- Delay the activation of the fan while the cold / hot water temperature in the pipes is reached, to avoid annoying drafts without air conditioning.
- MANUAL ventilation mode timing to return to AUTO mode after a defined time.
- Minimum maintaining times in each speed to avoid sudden changes in the fan speed.
- Turning off the fan while the valve is closed to reduce noise and achieve energy savings.
- Automatic purging of the valve to avoid calcifications during long periods without use.
- Automatic ventilation switching on only the fan to recirculate closed rooms and avoid accumulation of bad odours.

*Just one unit per company.

Only until the 31st of April or while stock lasts. Please, send your orders to with reference "PowerBlock Multi - Offer"

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